New Hair Styling!

I only recently posted about the issues I had with long hair during the summer months, but as you know I gave up and went for the chop! Ok, so my hair could still be classed as medium/long as it sits just under my shoulders, but now I cannot do some of the things I used to do! Here are a few quick and easy styles I am loving at the moment:

Messy Top Knot:


My hair is naturally wavy/curly and as it weighs a lot less than it used to, I am able to now leave it to dry naturally. I like this look for a quick updo when I don’t have time to straighten it!

Classic Straighten:


My hair takes so much less time to straighten now, and as it has recently been cut I love to just straighten it and go! I love the clean cut at the ends look, it’s really healthy right now so I want to make the most of it.

Side Plait


I love plaits and this is a quick and easy half up half down do! I also like to do the same on the other side and then tie the plaits together at the back of my head when I want my hair away from my face.

Side Plait


Now I love a plait, and when I am going to something for a few hours I love to plait my hair to the side. I wouldn’t wear this for a long day as the layers all fall out but I love this look!

Super Speedy Clip-Back


Ok so I wouldn’t wear this to work or an event, but if I am running to the shops or popping out to a friends this look works great. I simply pull back the hair on the top section of my head and clip with a big hair clip.

Have you got any quick and easy hairstyle ideas? I’d love to hear them!



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