Glossybox; July Review


This box overall has been my favorite subscription box – surprising considering I wasn’t too impressed with the overall packages of any of the previous ones! On initial first impressions, I opened the box and was very impressed with what had been sent to me, however as always the proof is in the testing!

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss

Usually I avoid lip glosses as they tend to be quite sticky, however this isn’t sticky at all! I’d say it has the same consistency as a lip balm or something like Vaseline – it is very moisturising. Usually I have to put something on my lips on holiday to stop them burning and as this is spf 25 it would be perfect for the beach! It also smells really good too – the only way I can describe it is like the smell of cocktails! It also doesn’t really have a colour too it so it give a nice natural, moisturised look to the lips. Perfect!

Icona Milano Mascara

This mascara provides a natural look to the lashes. It is great for lengthening without clumpiness, however it does not provide any volumising! This is another great one for the beach as it doesnt smudge, but in terms of an all round mascara this isn’t the ideal choice as, personally, I prefer a volumising mascara for nights out etc. This photo was taken after 3 coats (there’s no mascara on my bottom lashes, just the top):


Hairon De-tangle brush

I love tangle-teezers so I was really pleased to see this brush in my box. It is smaller than the one I currently own, which I think is perfect for a handbag brush! Even though it is a bit scratchy on your scalp, it works really well on the tangles – and you can use it on wet hair too which is a bonus! I wouldn’t recommend for a normal hair brush as I prefer something bigger to cope with my very thick hair, but it is great for a travel brush! Loving duck egg blue at the moment too so it is very visually appealing!

Blank Canvas Flat Brush

This brush is beautiful to look at – a lovely deep pink with a gold top. The bristles are sooooo soft and it applies foundation so flawlessly! However, I recently purchased some other kabuki style brushes for ebay (click HERE to view my review post on them) and they were ¬£3 for 8, whereas this brush is 11.95 alone! The brushes from Ebay are incredibly similar in feel and use so it isn’t really worth the price. But I still love it!

Utan Night Creme

I really don’t think these lotions work – I don’t know if I’m using them wrongly but they just don’t do anything for my skin colour! I’ll stick to my favorite instant tanner for the time being!

Overall I’d give this box a 4.5/5! It was a great box this month, which almost made up for the disappointment of last month’s box!



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