Epilating Top Tips


There are so many different ways of hair removal, and believe me I have tried them all; waxing, shaving, creams you name it I’ve done it! However, my new absolute favorite way of removing hair has to be epilating. It gives such a  great finish and lasts for weeks!! Hair regrowth is also much more sparse too which is definitely an added bonus. It isn’t messy like creams and waxing and it is so much cheaper in the long run. There are so many reasons why I recommend it and honestly if you haven’t tried it you should definitely see if it is for you!

The first time it is going to hurt – a hell of a lot. It is probably the most painful removal type and I mean I don’t find waxing painful at all. But as you use it your skin gets used to the pain so, even though the pain doesn’t go completely, you don’t really feel much after the first use! I have been using it for about 6 months and I can say the only painful area is at the front of my leg right by my foot but it is manageable – it feels like you are being scratched by sharp finger nails (see, nothing major!). I have only used this on my legs so I can’t vouch for other areas!

I have the Braun silk epilator (click HERE to see on boots but I’m sure you can purchase it in most places!) and I love it. It comes with two settings, and I’d recommend you use the higher setting. Even though it states in the booklet that it is more painful, I find it is a lot quicker so you don’t take an hour doing your legs! It also has a light which shows the hairs really clearly so I would definitely recommend this if it is your first one!

Here are my top tips to minimise the pain and maximise hair removal:

  1. Take a warm shower before you epilate. I always pluck my eyebrows after having a shower so it makes sense to do the same for your legs!
  2. Start on the squishier areas of your legs, leaving the bony areas and the lowest part of your leg until the end. The bony areas are the most painful so I always do them last once my skin is used to the sensation.
  3. Pull the skin taught as you go; this makes it easier for the tweezers to grab the hairs, reducing the pain.
  4. Keep the epilator at a 90 degree angle to the skin and take it upwards from foot to knee. This makes sure maximum hairs are being taken so you don’t have to keep going back over the same patch of skin.
  5. Moisturise each leg straight after epilating. I try to use a natural, no perfume moisturiser to calm the skin and keep it silky and smooth.
  6. Enjoy long lasting hair-free legs!

Do you have any other tips? Or do you use a different removal method?



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