Summer Beauty Favorites

This summer has been filled with crazy weather and, as a result, has left my hair a frizzy mess and my skin dry and irritated. Through this, I have found a few amazing products that have eased the discomforts that have come with the changing mood of the weather and this post looks at my top 5 favorite products that I wouldn’t have been able to live without this summer!


(Top Left to Bottom Right) Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, Hairon Detangle Brush, John Frieda Frizz Ease Primer, Spiral Hair Ties, Bruyere Paris After-Sun Lotion.

♥ Sleek Highlighting Palette (Precious Metals)


I am absolutely in love with this palette! I wanted something to give a natural ‘after-sun’ glow to my skin and this is the perfect palette to do the job. I use the ‘antique bronze’ colour to contour (darkest one), the peach colours for the bridge of my nose and to highlight on my cheeks (the shade depends on the colour of my skin) and the lightest shade (Platinum) to highlight under my brows. The darkest shade is a very pigmented powder and the other three are very lightweight but pigmented creams. I would say the only downside to this is that due to one being powder, you have to be careful with not mixing that and the creams – something I’ve found difficult to avoid. However, it is an amazing highlighting palette so I would definitely recommend if you are looking for something to create a natural glow to the skin!

♥ Hairon Detangle Brush

This brush has been a winner this summer, and without it I would be wearing my hair in a bun every day! My hair has been a nightmare this summer, and especially after having it bleached I have found it to be so much more frizzy and difficult to manage alongside the humidity brought on by summer (inserting lovely posey photo here).


I have found this brush to be even better than my beloved tangleteeze; the brush itself is a lot more stronger and also works wonders brushing through wet hair. However, I have spied tangleteeze’s new brush for thick hair which I will definitely be trying soon!

♥ John Frieda Frizz Ease Primer

This has to be the holy grail of summer products! I initially received this in a beauty subscription box and I wasn’t too keen on it, however it has come to be a godsend to ease the frizz ball on my head! I use three pumps-worth (because of the thickness of my hair, I’d say normal hair would only need 1-2 pumps) and brush through wet hair. I have been so surprised with how well (and instantly) this product has reduced my frizzy hair, and it also leaves an amazing shine too! Thank you Mr Frieda!!

♥ Spiral Hair Ties

I love these hair ties! They are great for when you get too hot and need a quick updo – but without leaving a nasty kink to the hair when you take it out. Honestly, they are so cheap that I would recommend you try them out for yourself! I will not be going back to usual hair ties, these are amazing! You can get really cheap ones from eBay too – I think I paid around £1 for 10!

♥ Bruyere Paris After-Sun Lotion

For when it has been sunny, this lotion has been a necessity for me! It smells lovely and leaves skin smooth, moisturised and cooled. I haven’t been burnt that badly, but I have been using it especially on my dry skin and it is the best after-sun (minus pure aloe vera lotion) I have come across! Definitely worth investing in if you are going to be sunbathing and suffer from dry skin like me!

Have you got any summer favorites?



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