Dear 16 Year Old Chloe…

I recently noticed Queen V (Victoria Beckham for those of you who live under a rock) has written an article in Vogue in the style of a letter to her 18 year old self. It got me thinking, what would I say to myself years ago? As it’s only been 4 years since I was 18 myself (ok more to 5 but let’s not get carried away here… or freak out how fast my life is going!) so I thought I’d write a letter to my 16 year old self. So here it goes…


(Me as a 16 year old with eyebrows plucked to death)

Dear Chloe,

You’re a crazy teenager, your hormones are all over the place and half the time you won’t understand what’s going on. But that’s ok. You think that you know everything and the world is against you, but you’re far from right. You’re learning and you should listen more to advice that is given to you so here are a few pointers you should think about:


Eat everything. Honestly, everything. You’re a little twig and your metabolism is RIDICULOUS. So eat that extra cheese burger and cake and bloody well enjoy it. And then eat another one. Because when you turn 20 you will see that cake grow on your thighs and that will be no fun. You will thank me later.


I know right now you have small boobs and you are very conscious of them. But believe me when I say this will all change. You will hit 18 and those little grapes will turn into watermelons overnight and you will only be able to dream of never wearing a bra again. So take off that bra and let your grapes fly free. This will be the only chance you get so make the most of it before you are condemned to a life of backache and boulder-holder suffocation.

PS, please please please stop plucking your eyebrows to death. You will regret this for the rest of your life, I promise you.


Don’t give up netball. You love netball. The school you go to are professionals in ruining pupil’s confidence but just because your mum isn’t on the PTA doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play. You’re actually pretty good at it. And when you get to uni make sure you join the team straight away (and not wait til 4th year!!).


Revise. Stop being a lazy arse and do some work. You will get good grades, but you won’t get the top grades without revising. You got lucky at your GCSEs but Alevels are so much more difficult. Just revise. And stop copying other people’s homework the hour before your lesson – you won’t learn anything by doing that, you little shit.

Stop playing up to the teachers. They will mostly all hate you as a result. Yes I know you hate being told what to do but it will bring a much easier day at school than constantly being told off. I know you won’t listen as you still had this attitude at university. But hey, this makes you perfect to become a future leader and at least you won’t get walked over in life. You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and that is a great trait to have (after meeting many sheep during your travels you will realise this).


Friends will be one of the most difficult parts of your life. You will have great friends, friends who hurt you, and friends who really aren’t friends at all. But it’s ok. Some people will come into your life to teach you lessons, to challenge you, to make you happy and to help you grow. You will meet lots of great people over the years – try not to lose contact with the good ones. Most importantly, if someone brings negativity to your life it is ok to remove them from your life. You can’t be friends with everyone, all of the time.


Stay away from boys. They’re more hassle than they’re worth and you’ll have so much more fun with your friends. Make sure you always are in control and you call the shots. Teenage boys are A-holes and deserve to be treated that way. Do not let them hurt you whatever you do.

..and finally…

Enjoy life. Stop wishing it away because it will be over before you know it. And chill out, you’re crazy af. Honestly. You will cringe in years to come about your craziness, but you will also look back with very fun stories to tell.

Love from your 22 year old self xx


A little light-hearted, bit of fun there. I wouldn’t regret anything as it has made me the person I am today. But sometimes I wish I had calmed down a tad (hormones made me the craziest person in the world, and that isn’t an exaggeration).

What words of advice would you give yourself?



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