Hello, it’s been a while!

In fact, my last post was 3 months ago. And, girl, believe me when I say so much has happened – in only 3 months! It’s been crazy. I’ve started a new job, moved to London and met so many new people.

I started my job by commuting, and I can tell you 4 hours of travel a day completely takes away any life that you think you’ll have once you start working. I was constantly tired, moody and never had time to socialise. I’d become someone who I wasn’t. And I hated it.

So I took a very split decision (within the space of a weekend) to sign a contract and move into the city. It hasn’t been without its’ difficulties (constantly delayed overground trains (thanks TFL!), a broken boiler and no heating for over a week and no water for three days (thanks Thames Water for turning off the supply for no reason) but I am so happy I made the move! My dream has always to live in the city and it definitely lives up to expectations!

Sensible individuals who have just graduated will be looking to repay the hefty student loans we have acquired and save for a house. However, I have been ‘making up for lost time’ and spending far too much (well, in my eyes not enough!) on new beauty products and clothes – hence I have many wayyyyy overdue blog posts coming up. If you are keen to see what I’ve been spending (or wasting) my hard-earned money on, click on the little follow button and I hope you enjoy the new posts lined up!



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