Kylie Cosmetics Dupes

Some love her, some loathe her. But Kylie Jenner’s beauty collection has been one of the most talked about makeup product portfolios of this year. And the most difficult to buy in the history of makeup selling.

I just couldn’t getting my hands on any of the products!

However, as you can imagine, I was very happy to find available (and super cheap!) dupes on eBay. But are they the same? I tested three of the products: Kyshadow (Bronze Palette), Limited edition leo and classic dolce k.


Kyshadow The Bronze Palette:

I would give this product overall 5/5. I use this on a daily basis and when I am travelling this is definitely the palette of my choice! It has a good mix of shimmer and matte colours and the pigment is AMAZING. Honestly, if you love your eyeshadows you will love this!

The lip kits:

I’ve put these both together as they are both the same, just different in colour.

The packaging of the lip colour feels very cheap and plastic-like, however, the products are incredibly long lasting (or a nightmare to get off your lips if you look at it that way) but very drying on the lips. I’d give this part of the product 2/5 as even though they are long lasting, I don’t like how they dry out my lips – especially at winter time!

The lip liners, however, were a great surprise to me. They were incredibly creamy, and felt great on the lips. I even use these with other lip colours as they work amazing as a base! I’d give these alone 5/5.

Overall, these lip kits are good for colour and lip bases, however the drying out aspect is a no-no for me so overall 3/5!




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